New Vintage Guitars

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New Vintage Guitars

New Vintage archtop jazz guitars are guitars built today, inspired by the great guitars of the past. Guitar maker Daniel Slaman creates individual guitars of character and each with it’s own unique history, voice and soul. Guitars are made in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Read what Pat Metheny says about his custom made Daniel Slaman DS-150/250 CCa guitar here

See Pat Metheny play his Slaman 'Traveling Sister' guitar in concert at the 'Festival de la Guitarra', Cordoba, Spain, 5th of July 2018

Due to high demand and work load guitars made to order are now on a 2 year waiting list; all New Vintage guitars commissioned in 2018 will be delivered in 2020.

Non commisioned guitars are sometimes available on for immediate sale; feel free to check under the button Stock/Expected/Sold on this website.

Guitars are occasinally available through the only dealer of Daniel Slaman guitars, CR Guitars in the USA.



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