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Tuner knobs

Some guitars from the late thirties and 1941 featured Kluson Sealfast tuners with Catalin (a bakelite plastic) knobs. They are no longer available today. On the Commemorative guitars Grover Imperial tuners are fitted with custom knobs, handmade by Daniel. Grover Imperial tuners are among the best in the world. They are re-worked into ‘Statement’ tuners by removing the gold plating (gold plated tuners are available of course) and exposing the nickel surface. The knobs are handmade and the tuner is adapted to receive them.
The result is a stunning set of tuners that make a joy out of tuning or re-stringing your guitar………… every time. 

The tuners knobs on the Commemorative guitars are handmade by Daniel from antique Catalin. The video shows a half-product tube that is about 75 years old. It is re-sawn into blanks of which the tuner knobs are hand shaped.
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