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The guitars

Commemorative Charlie Christian
The Commemorative guitars

The Commemorative guitars are inspired by the pre-war guitars that Christian played, but they are not just copies. Modern insights and experience are used where possible to produce a guitar in the true New Vintage style.

The Charlie Christian style pickups have the three mounting screws and big magnets of course, but are adjusted in-house at Slaman Guitars by Dirk van der Meij. The blade is compensated for perfect balance between the strings when playing with a wound G string. A definitive improvement and players that have a compensated pickup on their guitar never want to go back to the straight or single-notch blade.
The shape of the guitar is adapted so that even the bigger 17 inch guitar does not look and feel that big........... subtle changes in the curves are responsible for that.
Soundholes are slightly larger then in the original guitars, to improve projection and flexibility of the top.
A modern style two-way truss rod is used for optimum adjustment of the neck, that has modern feeling wider/higher frets then the old style guitar. Necks are made in mahogany or Spanish cedar rather then in maple. The lighter weight necks contribute to a warm, articulate sound.
Kluson Sealfast tuners with Catalin knobs are no longer available, but the guitars have custom Grover tuners with handmade (by Daniel) knobs, unique in the world.
Equally unique of course is the Y-shape tailpiece; individually handmade by Dirk van der Meij, exclusively available on Slaman guitars. Labour intensive and costly to produce with handmade jack well to plug into................ and the fun begins!


Video  HD of 6 guitars with natural reverb of the room

VIDEO HD of 3 guitars with natural reverb of the room

Video HD on Inspiration for the Collection

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