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Slim Sister 7

New Vintage Guitars > The Sisterhood Series
Slim Sister 7   # 35216

Sister 7 # 35216 is a 16 1/4 inch slimline blonde guitar, cutaway,  St. John's  inlays handcut by Daniel in ebony 10 inch radius fingerboard, 24 3/4 inch scale, Honduras mahogany neck with soft-V profile and 22 frets, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup, carved European spruce top, flamed laminated arched maple back, unique handmade nickel plated tailpiece, Kluson tuners and 'Betty' style antiqued finish.

This guitar fetures the unique St. John's inlay. In cutting the pearl pieces for inlays on Slaman guitars, fragments are left over which have been saved up by Daniel over the years. Pieces are selected to form a St. John’s mosaic inlay, much like the glass pieces were selected for the mosaic stained glass windows. Each inlay pattern is unique and will never be repeated. Pieces are carefully matched by Daniel to create patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Even lettering from broken logo’s are re-used.

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