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Shuji Sato, Japan

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Shuji Sato, Japan

Shuji Sato plays the DS-150/250 Blonde, # 31514

16 inch guitar with DS-250 features; 250 style handmade new vintage tailpiece, Waverly tuners, X-braced top, solid carved top/ braced arched back in mahogany or maple, ebony fingerboard with ‘open book’ inlays. 24 3/4 inch scale length like the 150 models.

This is a 150 size guitar (16 inch lower bout) with 250 features like the open book inlays. The tailpiece is made in the 250 style but slightly smaller (sized down) to fit in with the smaller body size. Output jack located in the base of the tailpiece.
Basically a 250 guitar in a smaller 150 package.

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