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Roby Johnsdorf, Luxembourg

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Roby Johnsdorf, Luxembourg

Roby Johnsdorf plays the first guitar that was finished in the Commemorative Charlie Christian Collection # 34215. This is a 17 inch guitar with carved European spruce top, X-braced. Flamed maple solid sides and laminated back. The antique nickel Grover tuners with Catalin handmade knobs really stand out on this instrument. Strong acoustic sound an clear, yet warm amplified character through the compensated CC pickup. Spanish cedar neck that makes the guitar sing and respond to the slightest touch. Handcut 'open book' inlays in mother of pearl on an old style 10 inch radius ebony fingerboard.


Hello Daniel,

Since we still have holidays and the school has not started yet I had plenty of time to spend with my Slaman CC guitar... You are absolutely right when you say that I'll have to get to know the is the interaction with the amp...the playing style...etc...
BUT what I can say until now ist that it is absolutely amazing!!! I spend a lot of time on it every day, the tone is absolutely gorgeous, so sweet in combination with my Fender Twin; the feel of the bigger neck suits my hands perfectly!! The guitar smells even heavenly good, every time I open it's case I feel like a little boy in a toy shop!!!

Thank you very much for building me this particular guitar. Due to my lack of playing I cannot benefit from all of it's attributes but I feel that I can become a better player BECAUSE OF the guitar and I know I'll spend plenty of joyful hours on it!!

Kind regards

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