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The development of the Charlie Christian Compensated (CCc) pickup.

The Charlie Christian pickup is famous for it's deep, yet bright horn-like guitar sound........... but the balance between the unwound B-string and wound G-string would spoil the fun for some players.
Daniel Slaman Guitars, together with Slaman Player Dirk van der Meij, has come up with a solution. Standard pickups are compensated on the blade (fixed). On the Charlie Christian Compensated (CCc) pickup, the height of the blade is adjusted to balance the output between the strings. The height of the blade follows the 10 inch radius of the fingerboard and balances out the unwound B-string and wound G-string. The sound of the pickup is not changed, the output is far more balanced! All work on the pickups is done by Dirk van der Meij for Slaman Guitars exclusively.

Pickups are not sold separately without guitar.

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