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News 2015


December 2015

SOLD  to the USA
Sister 2 # 33315, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup
SOLD  to France
Commemorative Charlie Christian guitar # 33915
SOLD  to Luxembourg
Commemorative Charlie Christian guitar # 34215
The Commemorative Charlie Christian Collection

Charlie Christian was born on July 29, 1916. In the year 2016 we celebrate the 100th birthday of the pioneer of electric guitar and a key figure in the development of bebop and cool jazz. The electric guitar tone that Christian developed in the late 1930s and early forties with the Benny Goodman Sextet and Orchestra remains the classic "jazz guitar sound" to the present.
Guitar maker Daniel Slaman will contribute with some special New Vintage guitars in the Commemorative Charlie Christian Collection, inspired by the the pre-war vintage guitars that Charlie played. Total number of Commemorative Charlie Christian instruments will be limited to eleven (11) guitars.

Pat Metheny playing his Slaman guitar at the Detroit Jazz Festival
with Ron Carter, September 6, 2015

SOLD  to Canada
Sister 3 # 33615, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup
New guitar!
Ebony Sister 4 # 34115, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup
New guitar!
DS-150/250 Special Cutaway # 33114, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup
SOLD  Sister 1, # 33214 to the USA
New: Slaman 'Statement' tuners 
Slaman 'Statement' tuners are now available! Yet another unique feature next to the New Vintage tailpieces and customised Charlie Christian pickups! Available on Slaman guitars only (tuners are not sold separately).
Knobs are handmade by Daniel in vintage and modern plastics with stunning colors and depth. Grover Imperial tuners are re-worked to accept the knobs, combining excellent tuning properties with great and unique looks.
Several colors now available.............. go see them all here 
SOLD  Ol'Blonde # 32314 to the USA
SOLD  DS-4 'Wes' # 32214 to South-Africa
SOLD  1923 model # 30413 to the USA
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