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News 2014


November 13, 2014

The Jazz Interbellum # 31214 is SOLD to the USA
New Guitar!
DS-150/250  'Lookin' for my Sally'  # 32514
New Guitar!
DS-150/250  Birds'eye # 32414

The development of the Charlie Christian Compensated and Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup.

The Charlie Christian pickup is famous for it's deep, yet bright horn-like guitar sound........... but the balance between the unwound B-string and wound G-string would spoil the fun for some players.
Daniel Slaman Guitars has come up with a solution. On the Charlie Christian Compensated (CCc) pickup, the height of the blade is adjusted to balance the output between the strings. To take this even one step further, the Charlie Christian Adjustable CCa) pickup was developed that allows adjusting individual pole pieces while retaining the Charlie Christian pickup sound! The ultimate best of both worlds.
(the CCa pickup is available on some models only, on request, adding Euro 250,- to the price of the guitar; pickups are not sold separately)
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New guitar!
The Barney Project # 32014  This guitar is
SOLD to the USA
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New Guitar!
DS-4 "Ol' Blonde"  # 32314
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New guitar!
1923 model # 31414   This guitar is
Click here for details and video


New guitar!
DS-250  'Gorgeous Gladys'  # 30613
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New guitar!
DS-250 CC sunburst # 31614


New guitar!
1923 Black  # 31314
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Vintage bakelite knobs
Authentic bakelite knobs are available on Slaman New Vintage guitars
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SOLD  # 30213 DS-150 Special Black to the USA


Under construction now:
DS-4 Ol' Blonde 16 inch non-cutaway, CC pickup
Online in october 2014 !


DS-4 Walnut, 16 inch cutaway, CC pickup
Online in october 2014 !


DS-4 Wes, 16 inch cutaway, blonde, Lollar humbucker
Online in november 2014 !


DS-150/250, 16 inch non-cutaway, blonde, open books, birds'eye back
Online in october 2014 !


DS-150/250, "Looking for my Sally" 16 inch non-cutaway, sunburst, open books, CC pickup
Online in october 2014 !


New: the Podcast Series

A series of Podcast files where Daniel discusses all aspects of guitar building and more!
Listen now!


New guitar!

A new model is added to the New Vintage series:
DS-150/250 Blonde # 31514  (this guitar is
SOLD to Japan)

New Video: Shuji Sato playing DS-150/250 # 31514

16 inch guitar with DS-250 features; 250 style handmade new vintage tailpiece, Waverly tuners, X-braced top, solid carved top/ braced arched back in mahogany or maple, ebony fingerboard with ‘open book’ inlays. 24 3/4 inch scale length like the 150 models.
Go here to see pictures and Video


New Price List April 2014

Daniel Slaman Guitars is committed to worldwide supply customers with the best quality guitars for the best possible price.
While I know that price really matters for the instruments, I also know that it is not just a price decision, it’s also about great performance, reliability and service. Daniel Slaman Guitars is deeply committed to maintaining market leading price-for-performance and providing the best in service.

The recent workshop re-organisation (March 2014) as well as investments in tools and machines has even raised the quality of the instruments further while at the same time making production more efficient where it can be and consistent where it must be, saving materials, time, energy and money in the proces.
Daniel Slaman Guitars has decided to pass on the entire benefit to the customers; This translates into great instruments for better prices of 5 to 10 % reduced prices on many models.
Daniel Slaman Guitars is also making the new prices effective worldwide by including prices for European Union (EU) countries and non-EU countries. 

See a video of some of the efficiency improvements


Old to New Workshop

End of February / beginning of March 2014 the workshop will undergo a makeover; a new double size workbench will be installed and new storage facility for guitars-in-the works, tools, wood and parts. The enlarged building area will help in more efficient producing of the many different models of the New Vintage series.


The change has come!

The workshop re-organisation is finished!
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