News 2011 - New Vintage Guitars

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News 2011


Last update March 6, 2011

New guitars!

The Charlie Christian Collection in the New Vintage series. Go there now!


Sunburst Sally has arrived! DS-150 eXtra with tons of vintage sound and vibe. Go here to see pictures and video!


The new DST-150 tenor guitar is finished. The Coolest of Cool! Go here to see pictures and video!


New Videos
Under Construction now: DS-250 in the style of the blonde guitar played by Charlie Christian, see video’s of the construction below


New guitar

Made for Dirk van der Meij, Netherlands
DS-150 cutaway, Gretsch Filtertron pickups, carved spruce top, solid
maple back and sides, mahogany neck, Bois de Rose fingerboard


New Tailpiece
Original ES-150 tailpiece, missing jack socket will be replaced with
a handmade replica made by CC Pickups in Great Britain


Under Construction
Several guitars under construction; the DST-150 tenor, and a vintage patina
sunburst finish DS-150 eXtra featuring the above tailpiece, and an
Under-the-Bed finish DS-150 eXtra.

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