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Mike Moss, USA

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Mike Moss, USA

Mike Moss owns the Barney Project guitar: a cutaway 17 inch guitar with a Charlie Christian pickup. Mike is an admirer of the work of the great Barney Kessel and commissioned an instrument inspired by Barney's guitar.

Unlike any other Slaman guitar, the top is made in laminated maple (all other guitars have a carved spruce top). The inspiration  for this model came from the guitar(s) played by Barney Kessel. Barney played an ES-350 model guitar that was modified with Charlie Christian pickup and chicken head knobs. Barney Kessel had a love/hate relationship with the Gibson company; during many performances he used black tape to cover the 'Gibson' logo on the head of the guitar! Hence this guitar is made without the usual Slaman logo....

With flatwound 012 strings the guitar delivers a powerful sound that easily pushes the amp into the mild overdrive typical of many of Barney's live recordings. Very low action and a joy to play!

I received the guitar today and love it!  You have done such an incredible job on this guitar.  I look at it and expect Barney to walk in the room.  It's sort of weird.  It plays beautifully, just like you said.  I have been playing it through a very nice tube amplifier and it sounds so warm and full.

More later, Daniel.  Thank you.  Release those videos. The guitar is staying with me!


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