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Lifton cases

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The Lifton case company

1918 the Lifton Mfg. Co. is established. In 1922 there is first Mention of “a Complete Line of Instrument Cases”. An advertisement mentions cases for violins, banjos, banjo-mandolins, tenor-banjos, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, coronets, and flutes, but not for guitars or mandolins. In 1935 Lifton begins to build guitar cases to fit Martin guitars.
Following the end of World War II a new version of the Lifton case label appears. This new black, red, and gold case label is used throughout the remaining history of the company. It gives the company name as just “Lifton”, and no longer uses “Inc.” or “Lifton Mfg. Co.”

Lifton cases are of superior quality with beautiful workmanship and materials. 

More info on the Lifton company can be found here (outside link)

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