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John Bole, USA

Slaman Players

John Bole owns 5 New Vintage guitars, all commissioned guitars.

All have carved spruce top and back, except for the Big Black Guitar that has a mahogany back arched with braces.


I am getting to know my new Slaman guitar, and like it very well.  That P90 sounds great – if I were to try to describe this guitar in a nutshell, I would say it is articulate but warm.  Now to elaborate, what I mean is that sometimes a warmer sounding guitar can also be kind of muddy, but not this instrument.  

Additionally, your workmanship is impeccable and what a beautiful looking guitar!  

Lastly, it feels great to me.  Thank you! I went to a jam session Tuesday night, played some old standards and western swing, and this guitar was an absolute delight.  You’re great.

Adios for now, John

1923 style

DS-350, P90 pickup


DS-350 sunburst, CC pickup

DS-250 blonde


'Big Black Guitar'
Giant 19 inch guitar patterned after the Gibson L30.
Custom made case.

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