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Jean-Pierre Lienard, Belgium

Slaman Players

Jean-Pierre Lienard from Belgium plays an 18 inch non-cutaway, 17 inch L5 style guitar and the first DS-333 VT.


The first 18 inch guitar was made in 1998 for Jean-Pierre, the second 17 inch guitar in 2009 and Jean-Pierre named it the ‘Ultimate Slaman’.


The Ultimate Slaman is really fantastic, I'm HAPPY!
I compared it to my 2 L5s  (L5 1951, L-C 1978):  with its only 3 days the Slaman is sounding great. They all have their own personalities but the Slaman is only 3 days old! What in 6 months?
I put the action a little bit higher which gives a little more punch. From the lower E to the highest note, it is well equilibrate The playability is perfect.  Its already MY guitar.
Thanks again.

Jean-Pierre Lienard comping on the 18 inch non-cutaway!

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