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Gretsch to Tweed

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Refurbished Gretsch case for DS-200 and DS-150

Here's a Gretsch case from the sixties in pretty bad cosmetic shape............ but structurally a fine case made by the Ess & Ess  company from Brooklyn for Gretsch guitars. The Ess & Ess company logo is in place, all latches and hinges work fine, the case is structurally in fine shape.
The old tolex is removed as well as all the hardware and new Tweed tolex applied. This has to be coloured first to emphasize that vintage vibe. With airline stripes and new leather handle.

After restoration a fully functional case with charisma and history.

Perfect fit for a DS-200 guitar with a little room to move for the 150 style.

Price:  Euro 950,-

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