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Gibson L50, 1936

Interbellum Electrifieds
Interbellum Electrified

Gibson L50, FON 495 B 4, 1936

Gibson L50, 1936. Factory work order number(FON) 495 B 4. Carved spruce top, maple back and sides, mahogany neck
This guitar has a great sound but also had some problems. The action was high with the bridge in the lowest position and the truss rod was frozen so no neck adjustment was possible. Also the neck was an extremely thick V shape, not very comfortable to play.
Daniel decided to:
- Remove the fingerboard
- Replace the truss rod
- Install a new fingerboard in Madagascar rosewood
- Re-shape and re-finish the neck
- Install a Bitloft floating Charlie Christian pickup
- With Stealth volume and tone control under new pickguard
Now she is a fine player, the acoustic sound is fully preserved (no holes in the guitar) and she has a great electrified voice. A true Interbellum Electrified. The neck plays like the best soft V necks of the time, very similar to Daniel’s New Vintage guitars. In 2011 the guitar was appraised by the foremost authority on Gibson guitars, Gruhn Guitars in Nashville TN. See the photo of the appraisal for details, included with the guitar.

Comes with original Geib Redline case with purple lining inside, and the original pickguard (warped but in otherwise great condition) inside the case.

This guitar is SOLD

Guitar before restoration and amplification
Guitar as Interbellum Electrified 

The restoration and amplification process
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