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Gibson L-30, 1938

Interbellum Electrifieds
Interbellum Electrified

Gibson L-30, FON 790 D 24, 1938

Prewar L-30 model. FON on the back is 790 D 24 which dates it to 1938.
Offered by the Gibson company as an archtop at an affordable price. This is a 14,5 inch guitar with a carved spruce top and a flat maple back with braces. Mahogany V shape neck, unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.
It has a pre-war script non-inlayed (silkscreened) logo and notched tonebars (for ease of shaping into place) rather than solid, carved tonebars. This one has been restored to perfect playing condition.

The guitar had major problems which have all been adressed by removing the back; two repaired cracks in the top, two in the back, new back binding as the back was re-glued.

Daniel Slaman Guitars has installed a Charlie Christian pickup (British made with the small magnets to keep the weight down), compensated for playing with a wound G-string for perfect balance between the strings.  Volume and tone control with correct Bakelite knobs. All partially loose braces have been re-glued to the back. Frets have been dressed and are original with minimal wear. Original tuners in good working order.
The truss rod is working fine and the action is fast and low. Very very comfortable, not oversized, great playing V shape neck with original frets.

EURO 2250,- including non original hard shell case, EU countries 

Restricted; cannot send this guitar outside the European Union (CITES regulations regarding all rosewood)

Guitar before restoration and amplification
Guitar as Interbellum Electrified

available soon after completion of restoration
The restoration and amplification process
VIDEO HD  available soon
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