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The Geib case company

Geib, Inc. is one of the legendary names in vintage musical instrument cases. Behind their quality products is a fascinating story of a successful American manufacturing company that was built by the hard work and integrity of the Geib family.  The Geib & Schaefer Company, also known as G&S Co. was founded by Jacob U. Schaefer and Charles A. Geib, in Chicago, Illinois. Starting in 1934 Geib & Schaefer built special cases for top-of-the-line Gibson guitars. The Geib company was masterful in combining beautiful outer colors with inner color linings. By 1937 cases are being stamped "GEIB Inc.", also the Geib medallion begins to be seen on some cases. During the duration of World War II many factories curtailed normal production and substituted military contract work that was suited to the factory's equipment and labor force. The most beautiful Geib cases are those of the 30s, first half of the 40s and early 50s.

Slaman Guitars tries to stock these cases and only the best examples are offered here. Fully functional cases with charm and history. 

(Please note that cases are sold only with a Slaman guitar, not sold separately)

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For more info on the Geib company go here (outside link)
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