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Frédéric Bourgaud, France

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Frédéric Bourgaud, France

Frédéric Bourgaud plays a guitar in the Commemorative Charlie Christian Collection # 33915. Quilted maple solid sides and laminated back. The antique nickel Grover tuners with Catalin handmade knobs really stand out on this instrument. Strong acoustic sound and clear, yet warm amplified character. Spanish cedar neck that makes the guitar sing and respond to the slightest touch. Handcut 'open book' inlays in mother of pearl on an old style 10 inch radius ebony fingerboard.


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Dear Daniel,

I played the guitar at the hotel, yesterday evening, and I was in heaven. I played it quietly, just with the fingers, but the sound was so deep and balanced
This guitar is a dream come true. I have played it acoustically, and the sound was just gorgeous, but I knew this since the time I came to your workshop.

When I was home I went to the studio for an hour or so, for a electric trial. Here I have all my references in terms of sound. That's where I recorded all my guitars for years, and that's the best place to test a guitar for me. The sound is incredibly versatile. Certainly the more versatile I have, compared to my other archtops You can cranck up the bass ends and you have this bebop sound, if you give more high ends, then you have a swing/Barney Kessel sound, and if you roll on all trebles then it comes to Charlie Christian.

I am a much more happy guitarist then I was 2 days ago. Thank you for that also !

Best to you.


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