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DS-220 Blonde (sunburst optional)   

Is there a guitar in the 250 stye with two pickups? Yes there is and it is called DS-220. 

And with two (2!!!) Charlie Christian pickups. Inspired by the guitar played by Alvino Rey (July 1, 1908 – February 2, 2004). Alvino Rey, was an American swing era musician and pioneer. At age 15 he invented an electrical amplifier for the guitar, but neglected to have it patented. In spring of 1935 Rey was hired by the Gibson Guitar Corporation to produce a prototype pickup with engineers at the Lyon & Healy company in Chicago, based on the one he developed for his own banjo. The result was used for Gibson's first electric guitar ES-150. The prototype is kept in the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, commonly known as the Hendrix Museum.
Rey owned a 250 guitar that he had fitted with another Charlie Christian pickup next to the bridge.

This guitar has two CC Compensated pickups, one volume and one tone control, and a Switchcraft 3 position toggle switch. 

The DS-220 guitar has a 16 5/8 body width, 250 style handmade new vintage tailpiece, Grover/Slaman Statement tuners with nickel knobs, X-braced top, solid carved top and braced arched back in maple or arched back in laminated maple, ebony fingerboard with ‘open book’ inlays, 25 inch scale length. The tailpiece is made in the 250 style but slightly smaller (sized down) to fit in with the smaller body size. Output jack located in the base of the tailpiece.
The 220 is in between the smaller 150 and larger 250 guitar, not only in body width but also in scale length. Basically a 250 guitar in a slightly smaller 200 size package.

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