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Dudley Hill, USA

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Dudley Hill passed away on January 15, 2005

Dudley was guitar player with Pearl Django.

This is what mr. Hill said to me:

"My head is anywhere between 1935 and 1955 so you know where I'm coming from. I love my '47 L5 the sound and feel. I would love to have my 16" 1923 model L5 to be ready to play. I do not want an exact replica of the original Gibson guitar. I need this guitar to be able to play with the sound and feel and vibe of my playing today with the sound feel and vibe of the past. You are the first person I have ever talked to that understands this concept. I guess it takes a player to know a player". The 1923 model guitar is set up with 013 Elixir roundwound strings.

When mr. Hill received the guitar, his comment was : "The guitar is absolutely beautiful. The tone is more than I could ask for. I love the guitar; it plays beautifully.

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