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DS-350T # 33414

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The Gibson company has, by Power of Attorney of Bates & Bates (Atlanta), asked Daniel Slaman Guitars (september 2016) to cease and desist using Gibson trademarks on instruments, comprising of the dove wing shape headstock and the bell shape truss rod cover. Daniel Slaman Guitars will comply and no longer use these Gibson trademarks on the guitars.
This instrument has a reworked headstock without any infringement on trademarks. On 2016 Winter Sale now at 20 % below List Price.

The DS-350 T # 33414 is a cutaway 16 1/4 inch guitar, one pickup.
The blonde guitar shown was made in flamed maple back an sides and Sitka spruce top, one Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbucker pickup.
Basically it is a scaled-down 350 style guitar. 2 inch side depth, 24 3/4 inch scale length.
Genuine Gibson bridge and genuine 350T tailpiece with great patina to complement the vintage vibe.

This guitar is SOLD to the USA

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