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Bruce Bond, USA

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Bruce Bond, USA

Bruce Bond owns the DS-4 non-cutaway  # 32314, named Ol' Blonde.
The DS-4 is a 16 1/4 inch guitar with features of the 17 inch L5 style guitar. Basically a scaled down L5 style with an L5 tailpiece.
It features block inlays and full bindings on the headstock, neck, body, f-holes and pickguard. Scale length is 24 3/4 inch.
An L5 style guitar in a smaller 16 1/4 package. Easy playability; the soft V neck amplifies the vintage feel and vibe of the guitar; huge, balanced sound with Charlie Christian Compensated pickup (compensated for wound G-string).
The instrument shown here ( # 32314)  is inspired by the Gibson L5 guitar of Oscar Moore. 'Betty" style vintage amber blonde finish in nitro-cellulose lacquer. Genuine vintage bakelite knobs.

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