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Brown tolex 3

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Lifton brown case for DS-200 inch guitar

A vintage Lifton guitar case from the 50's, Lifton logo in place, interior measurements perfect for a DS-200 inch archtop jazz guitar. The case had a repair up at the end of the headstock area (not by Daniel), a piece of wood was replaced there, appears to have been bent to mimic the round area, it is not perfect but it is pretty good considering that is a difficult area to deal with, repair is solid. Some of the red interior is damaged in that area on the interior of the lid, original handle had no leather left on it but the carton sceleton was still there; new leather glued by Daniel; not perfect but very functional. All the latches work, middle latch needs a little jiggling around to close up. Interior is pretty clean. 
This case will fit a DS-200 perfectly but is to big for a 16 inch guitar and to small for a 17 inch guitar. 

Price: Euro 300,- 

Please note that cases are not sold without a guitar.

All vintage cases are checked by Daniel and are fully functional. They have protected guitars for 60, 70, even more then 80 years and will continue to do so. The quality of pre-war and  post-war cases up to the fifties is incredible. Attention to detail went into these cases that is no longer possible ( = profitable) today.
All loose seams are glued; handle repaired or replaced; all latches work; all hinges work; inside is clean and functional, no funny odours. Lid will stay open with original strap or repaired strap.

A vintage case with your New Vintage guitar will Max your Mojo!

Pictures will follow soon
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