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Black Red Line 2

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Geib Red Line case 2

A rare find here! 16 inch red line case by Geib. As used on those great 16 inch arch tops from the late 20's through the 30's.
This one's road worn as can be expected with a case of this age, but, not abused. Everything works, latches are all present. Red lining is good, the lid strap is repaired so the lid can stand open on it's own.
Hinges were repaired by previous owner, they had torn out of the metal valance strip, he did a great job. Photos of repairs enclosed.
Perfect fit for a 16 inch archtop jazz guitar.

Price: Euro 600,-

Please note that vintage cases are not sold without a guitar.

All vintage cases are checked by Daniel and are fully functional. They have protected guitars for 60, 70, even more then 80 years and will continue to do so. The quality of pre-war and post-war cases up to the fifties is incredible. Attention to detail went into these cases that is no longer possible ( = profitable) today.
All loose seams are glued; handle repaired or replaced; all latches work; all hinges work; inside is clean and functional, no funny odours. Lid will stay open with original strap or repaired strap.

A vintage case with your New Vintage guitar will Max your Mojo!

Pictures will follow soon
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